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Grace Recovery Home Board of Directors

Todd Latham - Pastor

Brian Romines - Church Member

Alicia Switzer - Director

Lisa Engler - Secretary/Treasurer

Chris Rainwater - Director


“My embarrassment is now my empowerment"

Pastor Todd Latham


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Todd Latham, Th.D.

Pastor and Founder of Grace Recovery Home

Pastor Todd struggled with addiction for over 5 years while in the ministry. After several rehabs Pastor Todd got serious about his recovery and worked a 12 Step program and has been clean for over 6 years. Once he got clean he ministered to some of the local halfway houses and decided to open Grace Recovery Home in 2014. He passionately serves as leader of Grace Recovery Home and strives to communicate to those who feel hopeless, that everything can be restored. 
He loves working with people and their families. And loves seeing families being restored.

Alicia Switzer

Female House Director

Alicia Switzer has an abundance of experience with addiction treatment and recovery.Alicia Switzer deeply cares about our residents and treats each one of them as if they were family.
Alicia is 34 and a recovering alcohol. She has 5 years of sobriety. Alicia leads the women the way she was and continues to be lead. She believes in leaving behind a positive legacy. She loves them unconditionally and teaches them to be Godly women.
Alicia believes that we can all be an over comer if we truly want to in our hearts. It takes work and we cant do it alone.
She loves working at Grace Recovery because she loves seeing peoples lives change. Also its her way of giving freely what was given to her. "God is so good!! And I love sharing that!"

Leon Mueller, CADC

CADC Counselor

Leon has worked with in the profession since 1972. Leon specializes in Drug/Alcohol concerns and is the Director of Ex-Change Counseling and Education Center of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Lisa Ann Engler


Lisa is a mom, lover of Jesus and  compassionate person whom feels a special connection to people who are struggling. She deeply believes in the healing power Of Jesus Christ and that anyone who submits their life to Him can and will be made new!
She contributes to the recovery process by spending her days working in the office, assisting our residents. Lisa leads Women's Bible study with our female residents and loves being an encouragement to others.
She believes far too many people and families are struggling with the disease of addiction. She believes that recovery is  possible if you are willing to work for it.
"There is no person too far out of reach for Our Lord. God still performs miracles and I feel blessed to be surrounded by them daily. That is why I LOVE working at Grace Recovery Home!"

Derek Gaddis

Drug and Alcohol Peer Support Specialist

Derek is the father to 5 great kids. He has been married 12 years. Derek says that God is the only reason he is still alive. Along with the help of Pastor Todd & Misty, Derek's marriage has been saved and he is over 5 years clean of drugs and alcohol.
Derek contributes to the recovery process by sharing his experience and what has worked and has not worked for him in his recovery. He believes that people who are new to recovery need to know both in the hopes that they don't make the same mistakes.  He also wants to help show people that recovery can be fun.
Derek's view on addiction & recovery is that you are either in addiction or in recovery. There is no gray area.
Derek enjoys working at the Grace Recovery Home because you can be your own person  and as long as you are Godly. Pastor Todd takes the time to model for others what being a Godly man means.


Resident Leaders

Embracing Recovery Through Leadership Positions

These individuals have displayed exceptional leadership skills and have embraced the recovery process with great diligence. Their exemplary behavior has set the standard in Grace Recovery Home. Meet our leaders

Jeffrey Kayne Alexander

Erica Fentress