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Let’s Try to Answer Some of Your Questions



Do I Have To Work?

Resident must secure full-time employment within (30) working days of entering Grace Recovery Home. Grace Recovery Home will assist in securing work and will have some jobs available upon entry.
If you are receiving Social Security Income or Disability Income You are required to do 20 hours of approved community service work a week.

What Is The Costs?

Entry fees is $250.00 which includes intake paperwork, first weeks rent and drug screen

Weekly fee is $150.00 per week plus house dues.

Are There Local AA and NA Meetings?

There are AA and NA meetings on Grace Baptist campus.

Can I Have Visitors?

Visitors are allowed on Sundays only from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.
Visitation must be approved by the House Director at least 5 days before visit.
No visitors are allowed for the first 30 days or at anytime you are on restriction.

Do I Have To Attend Church?

Church must be attended at Grace Baptist Church at every service

What Type Of Counseling Is Offered?

There are Drug/Alcohol counseling, Biblical/Spiritual Counseling, Family Counseling, Financial Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling.

Each resident will receive a copy of Grace Recovery Home guidelines manual upon entering our program. This manual is your responsibility to read and understand. The Frequently Asked Questions are brief answers from the manual. The manual is our guideline.

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