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Who We Are

Overcoming Addiction

 Grace Recovery Home was founded as a direct result of its Pastor's experience struggling with addiction for over five years. After being in recovery four different times within a year and losing his job, house, and vehicles, being homeless, and living in a tent for six months, Pastor identifies with the struggle with and recovery from addiction. Early in his recovery, he ministered in Bowling Green, Ky. at different half-way houses. After doing this he decided to open a faith based Recovery Home as a ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Russellville, Ky. In 2013 the church voted to turn its old sanctuary in to a men’s recovery home. With a $1000.00 offering and several donations of materials and labor they were able to renovate the entire building, fully furnished and ready to open. After receiving its permit and with much prayer Grace Recovery Home opened April 2014. However the vision didn’t stop there. In April 2017 Grace Recovery Home open up its female house in Elkton and is currently looking to open other homes in the near future.

Addictions and other life crises can rob a person of the opportunity to develop the life skills needed to function successfully and joyfully in society. The goal of Grace Recovery Home is the restoration of wholeness to each person physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. Grace Recovery Home has the mission to provide safe, structured, substance-free housing in which instills in each resident a sense of responsibility and accountability. We believe that the more responsible you are, the less likely you are to use drugs or alcohol. We are committed to equip others to live life on life terms through the diverse programs we offer. We have wonderful staff of professional volunteers so that we can offer mental health, alcohol and drug, family, financial, marriage and biblical counseling. We also have 12 step meeting on campus.

No one decides to become an addict. There are normally very complex and deeply personal reasons for falling prey to such a debilitating disorder. At Grace Recovery Home we see addiction as a symptom of a larger illness, almost as an attempt to self medicate and keep that illness at bay. Here, our philosophy is different. We believe that treating an addiction is only part of the healing process. We look to rehabilitate the whole, or at least identify where the greater problem lies.

At our treatment center, we use our own unique program and practice in a safe and warm environment of mutual understanding. We aim to give you control of your life back, help you reconcile with your past and empower you to embrace the future.


Safe, structured, supportive, alcohol and drug-free housing, comprehensive, peer led community gatherings, professional guidance and support. Nearby transportation / shopping / spacious living quarters.

* AA/NA meetings on campus

* Peer Groups (provided by peer specialist)

* Drug/Alcohol counseling (provided by Exchange Counseling and Educational Center)

* M.R.T., Portal, New Direction, G.E.D. and Soft Skills Certification classes (provided by the Logan County Adult Education Center)

* Family, financial and Biblical counseling (provided by Pastor Todd Latham)

* Parenting classes (provided by Life Choice Pregnancy Center)

* Anger Management, Substance Abuse, and DUI classes (provided by Kentucky Trauma Therapy)

* Mental Health Services (provided by  LCSW)

* Bible Study Classes

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