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Embracing Recovery Through Leadership Positions
These individuals have displayed exceptional leadership skills and have embraced the recovery process with great diligence. Their exemplary behavior has set the standard in Grace Recovery Home. Meet our leaders

Chris Rainwater

House Director 

Chris is 34 yrs old from Lewisburg, Ky Chris accredits Grace Recovery Home for saving his life. Recovery has given him hope for a bright future. He has come to realize that there is more to life than choosing a temporary high and that life can be fun sober. He has learned to laugh again, and has made friends that are in his life for the right reasons, and this program has given him a sense of family that he wouldn't trade for anything.
Chris' view on addiction is that it isn't something we should be ashamed of. He chooses to wear his addiction as a badge of honor and doesn't hide it from anyone. He said that he never knows when someone who needs help is watching  him and could benefit from his experience with addiction. When it comes to recovery, he thought that he didn't have a problem, that people had a problem with him doing drugs and rehab was for quitters. That's what makes Grace Recovery so special. Its not rehab its recovery! The dictionary defines recovery as the regaining of something lost, to make up for, and to save oneself from a fall-- in Chris' addiction,  he fell into a spiral of chaos & confusion. He lost time with people who mean the world to him, as well as let them down & lost their trust. Today, by working his program he is finding himself rebuilding himself, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. He has regained himself in the chaos and found peace.  He strives everyday to make time to let someone he has disappointed know that he loves them and that without their support he wouldn't be where he is today.
Chris  doesn't feel like he contributes to the recovery process but that the recovery process contributes to him. All that he does is try to maintain an open mind and a positive attitude so that when others look at him they see that the process of recovery is working for him.
Chris never wanted to be a leader or a role model, he was always afraid to be in a position where people would look up to him. But after prayer and turning his will over to a higher power, he has come to the conclusion that this is his calling. If he can be a light or example to one of the guys in the program that needs someone to lean on, He wants them to know that he is always there!

Clarrisa Porterfield

Assistant House Director

Clarissa is a mother to 2 children and has 1 beautiful grand baby. She is 42 years old and a recovering addict. She is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and her recovery would not be possible without Him and the Grace Recovery Home program.
The Recovery home program has rebuilt her relationship with God, has given her back her life and has restored her family.
She believes addiction is a disease and anybody can and deserves to recover.
She contributes to the recovery process by attending church, doing AA meetings, and building her relationship with God everyday. She tries to give back as much as she has received from the program and to always remain teachable.
She wants to help other addicts and show them that it can be done. That recovery is a happier and more joyful way of life.